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Although this scheme is primarily intended for Key Stage 4 and GCSE Computer Science students, it can be introduced earlier in the curriculum. At Key Stage 3 students should be introduced to text-based programming, and this scheme provides a good opportunity for that. It should be noted that this scheme is not intended to be fun, it is a serious approach to learning focused on real-life problems and preparing students to sit written or practical GCSE examinations. Our partners at Mission Encodeable offer additional fun challenges that are aligned to the TIME 2 CODE structure.

For teachers looking to introduce TIME 2 CODE at Key Stage 3, our recommendation is:

Year 7: block-based programming with tools like Scratch, Kodu Game lab or CodeMonkey.

Year 8: TIME 2 CODE level 1 and 2.

Year 9: TIME 2 CODE levels 2 and 3.

Schools that take this approach can start level 4 at the beginning of Key Stage 4. (See what we did there!)

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