Mission Encodeable

We've teamed up with Harry & Anna aka "Mission Encodeable" to offer you the very best programming scheme.

Craig'n'Dave bring their decades of experience teaching teenagers how to code, their knowledge of examination specifications, and a detailed understanding of the latest pedagogy. However, the teacher perspective doesn't always result in fun activities for students!

That's where Harry & Anna step in. They are on a mission to inspire the next generation of computer scientists by creating more engaging ways to learn to code. They bring youth, the student perspective and importantly, fun coding projects.

Harry & Anna

Two schemes, one progression pathway

TIME 2 CODE written by Craig'n'Dave and Mission Encodeable written by Harry and Anna, have been created to be completely compatible with each other. That means the concepts introduced in any level of TIME 2 CODE exactly match the concepts introduced in the same level of Mission Encodeable.

With TIME 2 CODE you have an approach based on PRIMM with differentiated and assessment programs. With Mission Encodeable you have an approach created by students for students. Detailed, methodical, text-based tuition with interim and capstone projects.

TIME 2 CODE is generally more academic, and Mission Encodeable is generally more fun.

An example is the TIME 2 CODE program to calculate the balls in a ball pit. This is based on a practical, real-world scenario which is the hallmark of TIME 2 CODE. An equivalent program in Mission Encodeable would be calculating the number of footballs that would fit in the sun. It's the same program, but more abstract and more interesting. You can use one for learning and one for practice.

Using TIME 2 CODE as your primary resource

Students work through the TIME 2 CODE scheme at their own pace. Using the learning programs and videos to understand new concepts before applying them to the practice programs. However, some students may find reading what they are being taught rather than just watching videos helpful. Mission Encodeable has more detailed explanations of each of the concepts with examples, so students can use the Mission Encodeable site as a step-by-step guide. When students have finished a level in TIME 2 CODE, if they need more practice before moving on, they can use the Mission Encodeable projects signposted at the end of each level.

Using Mission Encodeable as your primary resource

An alternative approach is for students to make independent progress with the Mission Encodeable scheme. The teacher can then use the programs in TIME 2 CODE to lead examples from the front of the class, to practice flowcharting and to use any of the programs for assessment. When students have finished a level in Mission Encodeable, if they need more practice before moving on, they can use the practice programs from TIME 2 CODE.

The benefits for students and teachers

  • More programs. You can never have too many programs!
  • Different ways of learning to suit all students.
  • Suitable for all methods of teaching.
  • Mix of real-world and fun programs.
  • One co-ordinated, compatible approach.

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