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Solutions to all the programs are available for teachers. We don’t put them on this public website because students would have access to them and may submit them as their solution instead of doing the work themselves!

Solutions are available in one of two ways:

Craig’n’Dave premium resources

If you are a Craig’n’Dave member, you can login to the Craig’n’Dave website using your membership credentials and download a zip file of all the .py solutions. Search for “TIME solutions” using the seach facility after you have logged in.

We’ll send you a zip file free of charge

Email us to ask for the .py solutions stating that you are a teacher. You MUST include an attachment that contains:

  • Your request on school headed paper.
  • Signed with your signature as verification that you are a teacher.

You can attach either a photograph of the document or a PDF.

Sorry to increase your workload, but you only need to do it once! This simple gate-keeping will help to ensure the integrity of the scheme of learning.

We will reply to the same address with a .zip file. Please ensure your school mail server is configured to allow .zip attachments.

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