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Logo is a programming language for education, designed in 1967 by Wally Feurzeig, Seymour Papert, and Cynthia Solomon. It was widely known for introducing turtle graphics. This program pays homage to the origins of turtle.

A company called "Maze" have a new logo that needs to be drawn to any scale.


Write a program to output the maze logo shown above. You only need to draw the blue outline walls, not the yellow solution line.

Use this boilerplate code as a starting point. The top left part of the logo has been done for you:

Success Criteria

It will be helpful to add a comment for each section as you go so that you don't lose where you are.

Complete the main program so that:

  1. It outputs the walls of the maze logo in pen size 20.
  2. The size of the logo can be set by changing the constant `size` to any value.

Typical inputs and outputs from the program would be:

Knowledge Organiser

Use these resources as a reference to help you meet the success criteria.

Programming guide:


Check that your program outputs the expected result and has met the success criteria.

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