Valid month

Valid month

A simple validation routine.

Online forms will check that an input is valid before sending data to a server. For example, when entering an expiry date for a debit card, the month must be between 1 and 12 to be accepted. Doing the basic checks at the client side reduces traffic to and load on the server side.


Write a program that keeps asking the user to enter the month until a valid month has been entered. Valid months are 1-12.

Use this boilerplate code as a starting point:

Success Criteria

Remember to add a comment before a subprogram, selection or iteration statement to explain its purpose.

Complete the subprogram called `validate_month` so that it:

  1. Returns True if the month is greater than or equal to one and less than or equal to twelve.
  2. Returns False in all other cases.

Complete the `main program` so that:

  1. The user can input the month as an integer.
  2. The user is prompted again until they give a valid number within the range one to twelve.
  3. When a valid input is given the program outputs a confirmation message.

Typical inputs and outputs from the program would be:

Enter a month 1-12: 5

Thank you. Input accepted

Enter a month 1-12: -8

Enter a month 1-12: 0

Enter a month 1-12: 13

Enter a month 1-12: 99

Enter a month 1-12: 3

Thank you. Input accepted.

Knowledge Organiser

Use these resources as a reference to help you meet the success criteria.

Programming guide:


Run the unit tests below to check that your program has met the success criteria.

Enter a month 1-12: -3

Enter a month 1-12: 0

Enter a month 1-12: 13

Enter a month 1-12: 22

Enter a month 1-12: 5

Thank you. Input accepted.

Enter a month 1-12: 1

Thank you. Input accepted.

Check that you have:

  • Used comments within the code to describe the purpose of subprograms, conditions and iterations.
  • Used meaningful identifier names. That means the names of subprograms and variables indicate what they are for.
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