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Since releasing TIME 2 CODE we've been overwhelmed by the positive comments we have received. Thank you.

As we expected, there are always a few gremlins when you release such a big new resource.


The following issues have been resolved:

  • 02-02 Largest number: the output statement in the success criteria did not match the output from the program.
  • 02-03 Seasons: the function and a variable had the same identifier.
  • 02-07 Nitrate: the condition for dosing 2ml was incorrect.
  • 02-08 Exam grade: the first two outputs omit the word "more".
  • 02-09 Periodic table: element names were in title case in the examples but not in the solution or tests.
  • 03-05 Valid month: did not accept 12 as a valid input.
  • 03-07 Square root: missing end bracket on formula.
  • 03-08 PIN: the subprogram should be called "get_pin" not "compound".
  • 04-01 Polyhedral dice: corrected a typo rolling "an" 6 should be rolling "a" 6 in the description of the problem.
  • 04-03 Denary to binary: added a third success criteria to match the typical outputs.
  • 04-04 Dungeon master: corrected a typo and removed the word "minus" in the success criteria to make them clearer.
  • 05-01 RPG inventory: added unit tests.
  • 05-05 Cup draw: Corrected a typo "Eduador" should be "Ecuador" in the typical inputs and outputs.
  • 05-06 Feud: Corrected a typo "Dandylion" should be "Dandelion".
  • 05-08 Cut the deck: Corrected a typo "AC" should be "AS" (Highest card is the ace of spades, not the ace of clubs in the introduction).
  • 05-09 London Underground: success criteria 2 should read, "If the station is in the station list it returns the name of the station", not "it returns True".

To be resolved in the future:

  • 02-06 Currency converter: Great British Pounds should be "British Pounds" to be 100% accurate.


  • Do I have to pay for the solutions? No, they are free. Find out how to get them here.
  • How do I get the updates? If you are using this website you will always be using the latest version.
  • The unit tests aren't very comprehensive, can we add more? We provided a few tests, but we have deliberately left this so that students can also test boundary conditions etc. without being prompted. This is good preparation for exams and allows you to have conversations with students about how to make testing more robust. Particularly important for the stronger students.
  • Can we pass suggestions to you through git? No, it's easier for us to receive feedback from one source i.e. email rather than looking at multiple platforms.
  • Can I download the TIME version 1 workbooks? Not for Python. These have been discontinued and superseded with TIME 2 CODE which is so much better than those workbooks that weren't really workbooks at all, just PowerPoint presentations. C# is still available to download, but that will eventually be replaced with TIME 2 CODE too.


Replit have discontinued their Teams for Edu feature, therefore TIME 2 CODE is no longer available or supported on that platform: read more.

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