Bett Awards 2024 finalists

The unique partnership of TIME 2 CODE and Mission Encodeable was shortlisted with just five other products in the 2024 Bett Awards Secondary free digital content app or open educational resource category.

Bett awards 2024

Congratulations to Make Real and the Institution of Civil Engineers who won the category with their CityZen app, but to reach the top 5 from hundreds of entries is an achievement when TIME 2 CODE is less than six months old.

Bett Awards 2024

From left to right: Anna, Harry, "Codey bear", Craig & Dave.

Our completely free Python programming tutorials take a new and innovative approach to teaching students how to code in preparation for their GCSE examinations—getting ahead of poor habits by teaching the harder concepts first via videos, tutorials, differentiated practice programs, interesting mini projects and assessments.

TIME 2 Code & Mission Encodeable includes a plethora of supporting material including flowcharts, code sorting problems, syntax guides and more, wrapped up in what research suggests are the best pedagogical approaches including PRIMM, block model, live-coding, functions-first, Parsons problems and Rosenshine’s principles. These two independent schemes of learning have been developed in tandem to be completely compatible with each other, enabling their use within a diverse range of teaching and learning styles.

Until next time, it is always a good time to code!

Craig & Dave

PS: Have you seen our main Craig'n'Dave website that features our other three products: videos for learning computer science, Smart Revise the course companion and our classroom resources?

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Bett Awards 2024 Finalist