Christmas coding challenges

As the Christmas break approaches it is always nice to have some festive themed programming activities.


The Christmas Coding Challenges are nine merry Python coding challenges, each tailored to match a level of TIME 2 CODE. They are written by our good friends, Harry & Anna from Mission Encodeable.

Like the other projects, these challenges give students some starting boilerplate code to get them going, but it is an opportunity to experiment, flaunt their skills and build up confidence.

These aren’t just any old Christmas coding projects, though. That’s just not Mission Encodeable’s style, so you won’t find any boring, done-to-death projects here! As always, Harry and Anna have brought the student perspective to each and every project (they are both currently 16), so you can be sure that students will find them engaging, interesting and cool.

Take a look at the challenges here:

Until next time, it is always a good time to code!

Craig & Dave

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