TIME 2 CODE is live!

Finally after a year of work we are proud to announce that the much anticipated update to Craig'n'Dave TIME for Python is here. What started as a nip and a tuck soon became a complete re-write from the ground up. We hope you agree that it is worth the wait.

In version 2 we wanted to make the scheme more interactive and increase the scaffolding with explainer videos, flowcharts and Parsons problems. We were keen to reflect on TIME 1, adopting a different journey of progression for students to reduce confusion between similar concepts and introduce checkpoints at the end of each set of three levels.

This is just the overview of what we changed to make the scheme even better. You can read the full list of changes here.

Until next time, it is always a good time to code!

Craig & Dave

PS: Have you seen our main Craig'n'Dave website that features our other three products: videos for learning computer science, Smart Revise the course companion and our classroom resources?